We are a community of artists, writers, and activists across multiple creative concentrations working towards our collective liberation. 

Founded in 2023 by Sherisa de Groot, Literary Liberation is a companion space to Raising Mothers, focusing on our writing, our wellness and our parenting practices. We center the Global Majority and all marginalized communities within that majority in all that we do. We want to access and activate our radical imagination within ourselves and in one another. 

We invite you to join us.

  • You believe in the power of radical imagination and its transformative potential.

  • You are dedicated to creating or deepening your writing and wellness practices.

  • You seek a brave and respectful environment to share ideas and receive feedback from fellow writers.

  • You are dedicated to centering the Global Majority in your work and life.

  • You crave connection with like-minded, ambitious writers who share your passion.

  • You understand the value of giving and receiving within a supportive community.

  • You are eager to share your experiences and resources openly with others.

At Literary Liberation, we believe that our collective liberation begins with the stories we tell and the worlds we create.

We champion diversity, rejecting all forms of discrimination (racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ageism, sexism) while fostering a culture of respect, kindness, and empathy. Everyone's voice matters, and we value collaborative learning over expertise. We're serious about our craft, defining ourselves by our dedication rather than external validation. Community is our cornerstone, built on active participation and support for each other's growth. In our shared brave space, vulnerability is embraced, and our intersectionality is celebrated. 

Our ethos is ever-evolving, rooted in our commitment to collaborative learning and communal growth. 

Initially we were hosted on Mighty Network, but I’ve decided to step away from that to: 1. lower my overhead which ultimately 2. makes this much more financially accessible to everyone.

There will be this space, where all of our content will be stored, including resources shared by our instructors and community at large. There is also a private WhatsApp community to support this space where we can get together and certain activities take place. Paid members will gain automatic access to the WhatsApp community via a link in your welcome email.

Classes will take place via Zoom and are available to purchase individually.

Paid vs Free

Paid members have full access to our WhatsApp community, writing sessions, #LitLibDaily, our resource library and more.

Free members will have access to inspiration posts, class offerings, and special posts a few times per month.

  • Provide hour long quiet writing sessions starting this Spring. This will be a biweekly event, eventually increasing to a daily offering as we grow (Mon-Fri).

  • you a wonder, our general hangout spot is where we talk about whatever. We share weekly questions and polls, have themed challenges, and whatever else the space evolves into.

  • #LitLibDaily is where you’ll get your daily dose of original articles, resource roundups, and more. It’s also where we announce new talks, workshops and courses.

  • We are building a library of writing prompts and tips, with guest prompts from our favorite contemporary writers, updated weekly.

  • Host talks, workshops and courses that are generative and horizontal. Writers in our community have access to all guest workshops and will gain access to our archive as it grows.

  • A separate, invite-only parenting space for members who would like to have a space to talk separately about parenting. (Coming this summer!)

  • We host themed creative challenges every other month. Some are week-long and others are month-long. In an effort to activate our creativity beyond words, these challenges focus on our inner selves and our community at large.

  • Provide space for accountability in your practice in smaller groups.

By joining this community, you're not only investing in your own creative journey, you're also making it possible for Literary Liberation to reach its fullest potential and for me to sustain a life as a full-time creative. Thank you!

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A community of artists, writers, and activists across multiple creative concentrations working towards our collective liberation.


Writer, editor, author, mother, a being beyond space & time. Founder of Raising Mothers & Literary Liberation.
(she/ella) I work with BIPOC writers through a sanctuary program that includes coaching, writing sessions, editing, & workshops. I also coach people who value liberation from the inside out. Coast Miwok land is my home & writing is my calling.