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For some of us, starting is what trips us up. For others, it’s maintaining that stamina. Literary Liberation is here to work on both fronts: making the time and keeping the time to write. It’s easy to use platitudes about writing and isolation and how there’s never enough time, but it’s really important that if we want to write, we actually make time to write. We carve out that time, each day, week, month. Whatever it looks like for you.

Our hope is you will join us each week, find yourself within our words and keep going. Or get started. We owe ourselves that much.

So why should you join?

Because you’re making a commitment to yourself. And community feels good. And this is the year you learn to take better care of yourself.

This is our main resource hub, where you will have access to tips, columns, extra resources from workshops and more. This is also the only way to become a member of our WhatsApp community where other events happen.

Membership goes toward creating a stipend fund for columnists and to help sustain this project.

Classes & Workshops

The goal is to host no more than two classes per month. Some classes will be recorded and some will not. Some will be turned into self-paced courses for paid members. Most classes will offer at least one full or partial scholarship.

→ Do you have financial hardship? Fill out this link and we’ll be in touch.

→ Want to donate to our scholarship fund? Do that right here.

Teach with us!

LIT LIB IS NOW SCHEDULING WORKSHOPS FOR 2025! Fill out our workshop proposal form and we’ll be in touch!

We’re interested in workshop proposals that explore the following either individually or together:

Writing craft workshops & classes, speaker series, reading intensives, book clubs, most anything goes. Use your imagination.

Wellness think mental and emotional health, building routines, parenting, self care, etc.

Creativity send us your art-centered workshop proposals!

Upcoming Workshops & Courses

May | Writing Deliciously: Food & Memory

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June | Letters for Revolution

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June | SPARK: A CreaTiff Writing Club

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July | SPARK: A Monthly CreaTiff Writing Club

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August | Learning to Listen: Removing Creative Blocks for Better Writing

August | Money Talk

September | Kindling: How to Begin

September | Women, Writing, & Resistance

October | See Me Naked: Writing into the Depths of Pleasure and Delight

October | After Birth: Postpartum Narratives

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